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Root Beer #3 GOURMET - 32 oz

Price: $42.50
Item Number: ROOTBR332
#3 Root Beer has a sweet "gourmet" taste
  • designed to taste just like Thomas Kemper or Henry Weinhard Root Beer
  • has a creamy texture and taste of sassafras, vanilla and honey
  • makes 40 gallons

tax free

Product Reviews

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This is a Hit
Harold Covey (Las Cruces, NM) 5/2/2018 5:33 PM
I order the 4 oz and made 5 gals for a party where I normally provide several homemade beers for. But there are several non-drinkers and thought root beer would be a nice touch. This root beer was such a big I need to make more for the party, Grampa thinks I made it for him. Easy to make, 5 gals water, four lbs brown sugar and enough table sugar to hit 1.052. You don't have to, but I bodied it for 20 mins just for the hell of it for sanitation. Force Carb and you have root beer that goes real fast. Great stuff, this time I will try the foam enhancer. I tap it with Nitrogen, for an extra kick. But that is just me.