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 We are a small family-run company in California and have been selling homebrewing supplies since 1999. We owned and operated Hop Tech Homebrewing Supplies until 2010 when we sold Hop Tech and started Homemade Soda Company selling (you guessed it) Sodas! We are committed to selling the finest equipment and extracts to make the tastiest root beer and other sodas you will ever have.

  • We believe in offering the highest quality supplies and best-tasting extracts.

  • We believe in old-fashioned, Family Style customer service. Each customer receives the best possible service.

  • We believe in lightning-fast shipping. We try to get orders out the same day we receive them. The shopping experience on our website is almost as good as being in a physical store, without parking the car or dealing with crowds and silly salespeople.


Please feel free to contact us to ask a question or place an order; Email:

Thanks for shopping with us!