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Barking Birch Beer

Price: $6.25
Item Number: BRCH
Barking "Birch Beer" Dates back to the late 1800s Made with oil from birch tree bark

It's sweet and similar in flavor to root beer!


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Product Reviews

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Tastes like Cola... mistake in labeling?
Rebecca L Hill Hill (Clearwater, FL) 7/25/2021 11:32 AM
I was excited to try this birch beer extract, especially after the success with their Root beer #2 extract. Unfortunately this did not resemble any birch beer I have had in the past. This really tasted like a cola. It was a fairly good cola, so I am giving it 3 stars, but it was not birch beer. I am kind of wondering if the bottle was labeled wrong. THANK YOU FOR THE REVIEW. WE APOLOGIZE IF THE BIRCH BEER TASTED LIKE COLA. THERE'S A POSSIBILITY THAT IT WAS LABELED INCORRECTLY. SINCERELY, HOMEMADE SODA COMPANY