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Helpful Hints - Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when my soda is carbonated?

When carbonating soda, use a couple of PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles along with glass bottles. Add yeast to soda extract, sugar and water. Next, fill bottles and leave at room temperature. Check bottles in twenty-four hours, if plastic bottles become very hard, they are carbonated, thus the soda in the glass bottles will be carbonated. This will save the guess work and will save your soda.

How should I store extracts and yeast? How long will the extract last?

Extracts should be stored in a cool dry environment. Yeast should be stored in refrigerator. Extracts when stored properly can last 1-2 years.

What are different methods to carbonate soda?

Soda can be carbonated by using a kegging system, a soda siphon using Co2 cartridges, dry ice (which is frozen C02), or using mixing with store bought carbonated water.

What are the differences between using ale yeast and champagne yeast?

Ale yeast has less fizz; it is a neutral yeast allowing more control with carbonation. Champagne yeast has more fizz; it is more volatile, and you have less control with carbonation.

Other than drinking root beer soda, what are some other uses for root beer extract?

You can use our root beer extracts to make cupcakes, cookies and candy, root beer frosting (vanilla cupcakes with root beer frosting, YUM!), ice cream syrup poured over ice cream, root beer float pie, root beer popcorn, root beer popsicles, add to sweet tea for an incredibly delicious beverage, root beer schnapps, add root beer with boneless pork shoulder roast in a slow cooker to make pulled pork, make lip-smackin’ BBQ chicken (the root beer adds a rich caramel taste with the BBQ sauce), barbeque sauce, and baked beans.

How can I save on the shipping cost?

It usually, but not always cost the same to ship 4- 4 ounce bottles of extract as it does to ship 1- 4 ounce bottle. You can also save on shipping by buying quarts.

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